Head of QA

MAQE is a digital consultancy on a mission to (literally) change how the world works. We’ve been around for 6 years, have grown an average of 25% per year, and currently have 40+ full-time employees.

We do a variety of work ranging from e-commerce websites to web applications to mobile apps. Importantly, we don’t just build things — we actually solve problems. And we do this for startups and multinationals corporations alike.

Another thing you need to know is that we take Employee Engagement very seriously. We believe that happy people do good work and that if we get engagement right, everything else will follow. And so we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make work better.


The Situation

We currently employ four strong QA professionals. They do good work holding the products we create to high standards.

We are, however, now starting to seriously explore automated testing. And while we’ve made some headway already, we know there’s a lot left to do.

And so we’re looking for a senior-level person to drastically raise our automation game. The sort of person that says “We should do X” and then gets people together to make it happen.


The Challenges

A few things spring to mind:

  1. We’re a service business which means we design and built products for external clients. Some know and love QA, others have the misconception that QA only happens at the end of the project. And so there’s often a need to educate and “sell” the benefits that QA bring.
  2. As mentioned, we’re just now starting down the automation route. We’re currently using Robot framework to do automated browser testing etc. But we know more can be done. Much more. And so there’s a lot of training and experimentation that needs to be done.
  3. We currently have a 1-to-4 QAs to devs ratio which means that even with automation, there’s a lot of things we can’t do. And so we need to be smart about the type of QA work we take on; making sure we focus our attention where we can deliver most value.


The Opportunity

And now for the good parts:

  1. Our QAs are very good at what they do. And while their experience mainly consist of manual QA work, they’re committed to the automation route. We’ve seen the golden land, basically, and we want to get there fast.
  2. As the Head of QA, you basically have free reign to implement whatever standards and policies you see fit. As long as you’re able to get the team onboard, you’ll find few obstacles in your way. On the contrary, we want you to mix things up!
  3. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, this is definitely the opportunity for you. We want to launch QA as a separate service offering. And as the Head of QA, you’ll have a seat in our management team. And there’s tons of other ways to have impact as well.


The Job

  • You’ll report directly to the CEO in weekly 1-1s
  • You’ll have 4 people reporting to you. With more to come.
  • You’ll work out of our Bangkok office next to Pleonchit BTS.
  • You’ll work 40 hours per week. No more, no less.
  • You’ll have 15 days vacation per year. But honestly, it’s flexible.
  • You’ll probably work 10AM through 7PM. But again, it’s flexible.
  • You’ll split your time as follows:
    • 50% doing actual hands-on QA work (you lead by example)
    • 25% directing QA process, standards, and toolchain
    • 25% coaching and building our team (you’re a servant leader)
  • And you’ll be held accountable to:
    • Employee Engagement within the QA team
      • You are accountable for this KPI
    • Customer Satisfaction across all QA-related projects
      • You share responsibility for this KPI with other dept. heads.
    •  Company Profitability as it pertains to QA-related projects
      • You share responsibility for this KPI with other dept. heads.

Compensation is governed by our salary ladder and for this position, we envision level 4 or above. That basically means THB 70K or more, depending on the expertise and leadership you can bring to the table.

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