Our Projects

Our projects come in many shapes and sizes. Some still fly under the radar whilst others are open for all to see. Here is some information about some of the larger ones…

Chanintr Living

Digital Transformation
2015 – Present

A specialist retailer of high-end furniture looking to overhaul their back-office systems and prepare for an ecommerce rollout. MAQE is currently conducting interviews and workshops with a cross-section of stakeholders (e.g. sales, accounting, procurement) with the aim of identifying digital solutions to existing pain points.



Lean Discovery + Agile Development
2015 – Present

An award-winning Australian architectural firm with an international footprint and global reputation for design leadership and innovation. MAQE designed and built a media rich website showcasing
BVN’s portfolio and culture, together with content management systems. We continue to develop BVN’s digital estate.



Lean Discovery + Agile Development
2014 – Present

A Swedish FinTech startup capitalizing on B2B cash-flow loan management and the increasing prominence of Cloud Accounting Platforms (e.g. Xero and Freshbooks). MAQE designed and built a MVP and now continues to develop the website and backend systems post launch.



Agile Development + Continuous Innovations
2012 – Present

An online lifestyle magazine for an affluent readership. MAQE designed and built a new and responsive site to balance user needs while also maximizing ad click-through rates. As part of the build, we also migrated 4 years worth of editorial material, including more than 200,000 high-res images. MAQE still provides regular updates to the site that now enjoys 1.3M monthly visitors.



Agile Development + Continuous Innovations
2012 – Present

A leading provider of gaming and sports analytics, DMH produces and sells digital goods via 16 different online properties. MAQE has been solely responsible for the development and maintenance of this infrastructure for the past 3+ years. We’re also responsible for DMH’s central production system used by 50 analysts 365 days of the year.