Hand-crafted webapps built by friends passionate about form and function.

Good people, great apps.

Who we are

A group of friends brought together by a shared passion for all things digital.

  • Drew
    Technical Lead
  • Andrew
    Lead Developer
  • Kristamuk (Krit)
    Kristamuk (Krit)
    Lead QA
  • Andreas
    Creative Lead
  • Wallapa (Joy)
    Wallapa (Joy)
    Office Manager
  • Pisizt (O-kay)
    Pisizt (O-kay)
    Crazy Developer
  • Prapatsri (Pat)
    Prapatsri (Pat)
    Crazy QA
  • Tanun (Turbo)
    Tanun (Turbo)
    Crazy Developer
  • Unnawut (O)
    Unnawut (O)
    Crazy Developer
  • Jeff
    Lead Developer
  • Natcha (Meow)
    Natcha (Meow)
    Visual Designer
  • Noppadol (Benz)
    Noppadol (Benz)
    Front-end Developer
  • Linus
    Business Analyst
  • Suteepat (Top)
    Suteepat (Top)
  • Piyawan (Tuey)
    Piyawan (Tuey)
    UX Designer
  • Sikarin (Log)
    Sikarin (Log)
  • Nattawan (Tan)
    Nattawan (Tan)
    QA Engineer
  • Aphichit (Note)
    Aphichit (Note)
    Front-end Developer
  • Tatpong (Tat)
    Tatpong (Tat)
  • Stefan
    Project Manager
  • Liya
    UX Designer
  • Patrick
    Team coach / Agile hckr

What we do

We solve problems. Often through technology, always with a healthy dose of lateral thinking.

You've got an idea.
You just need
someone to flesh it out.
We can help.
Armed with technical expertise, business insights, and a decidedly user-centric approach, we'll help you turn your back-of-the-napkin idea into something actionable, realistic, and measurable.

And all for a fixed price.
You've got a plan.
You just need
someone to execute it.
We can help.
Our scrum teams can churn-out production-ready deliverables every two weeks, for as many weeks as it takes to realize your plan - all the while helping you validate your ideas using data gathered from real users.
You've got an app.
You just need
someone to maintain it.
We can help.
With our kanban teams at your back, you can squash bugs, implement new features, and answer all kinds of technical queries - all within a fixed budget tailored to your particular needs.
*We also do short-term consultations (e.g. devops, UX reviews) and training seminars (e.g. programming, agile methodology). Drop us a line for more information.

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The biggest compliment anyone could ever give us is to say that MAQE is a great place to work.


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MAQE Bangkok

888/102-103 Mahatun Plaza
Ploenchit Rd, Phatumwan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
+66 2 255 3010
 (fax) +66 2 651 5570

MAQE Stockholm

Saltmätargatan 19
BOX 3646, SE-103 59
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 706 24 00
+46 8 706 24 19 (fax)