MAQE Engineering Capabilities

At MAQE we believe in handcrafting our products. It’s important that the results look good from the outside, but also that our work is highly polished on the inside. We use a variety of technologies, tools, processes and methods to help us maintain, and extend, our engineering capabilities.

We create sophisticated and custom-built business software using an evolutionary process that adapts to customer need.

How we work?

  • We employ agile methods, with a focus on full-stack teams.
  • We care about building the right thing, the right way.
  • We strive to test first, and test continuously, to ensure quality.
  • We use industry standards, best practices, and project boilerplates to build and maintain healthy coding and testing habits.
  • We share the responsibility of testing our work.
  • We keep an eye on cutting-edge technology while maintaining project stability and supportability.

Engineers start by being involved early on in the project lifecycle – during requirements gathering, and determination of use-cases and job-stories. We then own and progress through the building, testing and deploying phases of a project.

Front-End Engineer

  • Proficiency of HTML5/CSS & JavaScript
  • Experience with responsive design and grid-based layouts
  • Having fundamental knowledge of front-End stack, not just using frameworks
  • Familiar with CSS preprocessors on SCSS and LESS
  • Familiar with front-end build tools (Webpack, npm, Gulp)
  • We primarily use Vue.js and React as our main stack. But we also experienced on other frameworks like Laravel Blade, WordPress too
  • We are also working on Flutter as our main tool for mobile app development

Back-End Engineer

  • Strong knowledge in following programming languages – PHP, Node.js, TypeScript, Python, Go (importance in this order)
  • Strong knowledge of OOP
  • Strong knowledge of database design (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Proficiency of HTML5/CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience with MVC frameworks
  • Experience with design patterns
  • Experience with unit tests/TDD
  • Experience with command line, such as linux, git, ssh

QA Engineer

  • Good knowledge and understanding about SDLC
  • Expertise in Functional Testing
  • Ability to design and create test scenarios and test cases
  • Experience in web/mobile testing
  • Strong diagnostic and problem solving skills with specific attention to quality and details
  • Experience in
  • Experience in non-functional testing


  • Create and operate cloud services, especially AWS
  • Build up infrastructure with container ecosystem, from local development to production
  • Setup scalable automated deployment ecosystem for CI/CD
  • Learn and design cloud solutions to build up infrastructure for products and client projects
  • Working with toolchain for administration and monitoring
  • Learning various practices eg. Agile, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Server Securities, Development Workflow
  • Improve, try new things for happy development team, IT operation and clients