A Leading Insurance Provider

How we started

In 2017 we were approached by one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

They are one of the largest asset management companies in the world with over 1.8 billion Euros invested globally. This customer has been a serious global player in their industry for a very long time.

Ever since our first meeting, we have provided this customer with design, UX and strategic advice on a wide variety of different projects. In every project, we worked together to improve processes through design thinking and putting the user first.

From that very first project through to today, our relationship with this customer has blossomed into a true collaborative partnership. This partnership has produced tangible business successes and, more importantly, real friendship.

Collaboration in action

Over the years of working with this customer, we’ve worked on a wide variety of projects. Each one required a slightly different approach and level of integration with their teams.

Our journey together began with a simple project. Designing an interface for a payment gateway. We worked on the UX/UI for this interface, ensuring that users could easily navigate through the system to achieve their goals.

From this very first step in our journey together, we became very close to the customer’s team. From this initial project, we were referred to different units within the customer’s business to help them create digital solutions that would provide benefits to both internal and external users.

Learning from the customer,
helping their agents

Having the opportunity to learn from and work with one of the world’s biggest companies, can be an exciting experience.

When we started working on an Activity Management System, we really felt that excitement. For this project, we had to create an application to help the customer’s insurance agents manage their workload and help them sell insurance products more effectively.

The learning curve was steep, but we threw ourselves into the challenge. We learned as much as we could about our customer’s products and conducted in-depth research so we could produce a successful application for them. But nothing beats direct interaction with users, so we spent a lot of time with the customer’s insurance agents.

But nothing beats direct interaction with users, so we spent a lot of time with the customer’s insurance agents.

We visited sales booths and conducted over 7 rounds of interviews with insurance agents to both get to know their product but also to understand their daily tasks and goals. We began to learn more about the customer and the pain points that agents were facing when they were out in the field.

The customer’s staff trusted us with their precious time, so we could learn more about them and produce an app that could help support them.

Projects we’ve built together

Since 2017 we’ve worked with this customer on several projects and on each one we shared our knowledge and experience. But we also took the opportunity to learn more about our customer’s business.

The first project we worked on together in 2017 involved a payment gateway. The payment architecture itself had already been created but we designed the UI and implemented the whole payment gateway system. Once the new gateway was created, we continued to measure and improve on our work, which led to us being recommended for other projects.

Since then we have designed and helped to implement an Activity Management System for insurance agents and improved on that application with a fast quote system. This system helps agents to retrieve quotes for customers much faster, while on the move. To achieve this we worked within the customer’s workflow by coupling our Agile methods with theirs. We worked with a Product Owner and SCRUM team to deliver an improvement that gave real benefits to insurance agents.

An evolving relationship

Close collaboration on any project always ensures a greater level of success. By working so closely with our customer we were able to deliver work that met their business goals and build a relationship that continues to grow. 

Working with this customer has been exciting and challenging, we’ve appreciated the support and trust they have given to us.