Insights May 12, 2023

How To Use Generative AI To Improve Your CX (Customer Experience) – Part 1

AI is exploding and it is a bit scary! But we look at ways your business can use generative AI to improve your customer experience.

Insights December 8, 2022

Customer Experience In 2023 – Trends You Need To Know About Part 2

We highlight 4 more trends for CX (customer experience) in 2023. We talk about inspiring an experimental culture, AI & turning employees into influencers.

Insights November 11, 2022

Sector By Sector – Retail Banking Part 3 – Banking Apps, AI & Recessions

In Part 3 of our retail banking series we look at banking apps, why banks are using the wrong mindset when applying AI & ML and the coming recession.

Insights October 21, 2022

What Is The Future Of B2B Sales & Purchasing? Part 2 – Challenges That B2B Teams Face

In part 2 of our future of B2B series we look at some of the challenges B2B sales and purchasing teams face and the opportunities they present.

Insights October 14, 2022

What Is The Future Of B2B Sales & Purchasing? Part 1 – Omnichannel, AI & B2C Style CX

The future of B2B is not spoken about as often as B2C. But big changes are happening. So what does the future of B2B sales & purchasing look like?

Insights February 18, 2022

AI and SEO – What AI Algorithms Do Google Use In Search?

AI and SEO – We look at the AI algorithms Google uses in organic search and how (and also if) businesses can optimize for them.

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