Insights June 17, 2022

Conversational Content In The Customer Support Funnel – How To Get Started

The customer support funnel is a crucial part of your overall customer experience and conversational content can improve it. Find out how!

Insights June 10, 2022

Future Of Work – Why Inclusivity Is Good For Business

In a new article in our “future of work” series we look at inclusivity and why brands who are not diverse, inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly are missing out.

Insights June 3, 2022

Web 3.0 Part 2 – What Is A DAO & What Can Businesses Learn From Them?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. But what does that really mean? This post looks at DAOs and what businesses can learn from them.

Insights May 20, 2022

Inside MAQE’s First Venture Workshop – All About Onliness

MAQE recently held its first Venture Workshop focused on the Onliness statement! Read on for a sneak peak at the future of MAQE.

Insights January 21, 2022

Digital Transformation Trends 2022 Part 2 – Challenges & Opportunities

In part 2 of our look into digital transformation trends in 2022 we focus on 5G, organizational flexibility, sustainability and low code solutions.

Insights December 17, 2021

Entities Part 2 – Are Entities Part Of The Future Of Work?

This week we look closer at roles, organizational structure and what entities can bring to the table. With a sneak peek at the future of work at MAQE…

Insights December 10, 2021

Entities – When SEO and Business Strategy Collide

What are Entities in the context of SEO? What can they teach us about business strategy and organizations? Let’s find out…

Insights October 1, 2021

Can B2B companies embrace customer lifetime value (CLV) metrics? Part 2

We know what customer lifetime value (CLV) is, but part 2 of our series focuses on the technical & cultural challenges of adopting CLV.

Insights September 24, 2021

Can B2B companies embrace customer lifetime value (CLV) metrics? Part 1

What is customer lifetime value (CLV) and how can B2B companies adopt it while adapting to new digital customer expectations?

Insights September 17, 2021

Benchmark eCommerce Experiences – Learning From The Best

What lessons can be learned from big benchmark eCommerce brands like IKEA, Nike and Apple? Can they be emulated?

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