Insights January 27, 2023

Customer Experience Challenges – Is 2023 An Inflection Point?

2023 could be an inflection point for CX. What customer experience challenges do we need to deal with in 2023? And what are the solutions?

Insights October 7, 2022

How Businesses Can Beat The Recession By Improving CX

The facts are in. Improving customer experience (CX) can help your brand to beat the recession and increase growth on the other side. Here’s how.

Insights September 23, 2022

User Reviews, Feedback Requests & Questions Part 1 – What Questions Do To Our Brains

What effect do requests for user reviews & feedback have on us? Part 1 of our series looks at this and asks if average review ratings are overrated.

Insights September 2, 2022

Storytelling In Business Part 2 – Decks, Websites & Product Pages

In part 2 of our storytelling series we look at how storytelling is a great tool to use in your presentation decks, on your website & on product pages.

Insights July 8, 2022

Top CX Trends In APAC & Challenges For CX In 2022

We look at some of the top CX trends in APAC to see what challenges APAC businesses face when creating customer experiences and how they can overcome them.

Insights April 29, 2022

UX Design Trends You Need To Know About

What is the next frontier for UX design? We look at upcoming UX design trends that could affect digital products and eCommerce over the next few years.

Insights April 14, 2022

What is CRO? Starting A Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy (Part 2)

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy is vital for digital businesses. In part 2 of our series we give you some tips on how to build a CRO strategy .

Insights April 8, 2022

What is CRO? Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimization (Part 1)

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)? We take a look at CRO and how you can begin to implement a solid CRO strategy that will increase conversions.

Insights March 25, 2022

Beyond Gamification – What eCommerce Can Learn From Modern Video Games

Gamification has been around for years. But beyond gamification, what can eCommerce companies learn from modern video games and video games systems?

Insights February 18, 2022

AI and SEO – What AI Algorithms Do Google Use In Search?

AI and SEO – We look at the AI algorithms Google uses in organic search and how (and also if) businesses can optimize for them.

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