MAQE Launches Pareto, The First Microenterprise From MAQE Ventures

BANGKOK, Thailand – MAQE is proud to announce Pareto, the first microenterprise to launch from the MAQE Venture Program.

Pareto, a low-code web development service, helps companies build web products fast, without compromising on features.

Pareto is the first microenterprise to launch from MAQE Ventures. Inspired by Haier’s revolutionary Rendanheyi model, MAQE Ventures is MAQE’s venture program. It is designed to turn MAQE employees into entrepreneurs, by helping them turn business ideas into their own independent companies. MAQE Ventures has the long term goal of turning 100 MAQE employees into U.S. Dollar millionaires.

“We are delighted to launch Pareto, the first of many microenterprises to come from our Venture Program”, said Andreas Holmer, MAQE Co-founder and CEO. “We think Pareto can help businesses build technology with start-up agility and speed. Sky and the team have worked hard to launch a service that we hope can provide real value to companies all over ASEAN.”

Businesses have a need for speed. Speed to test market validation. Speed to problem solution fit. The Pareto service provides that speed, without compromise. Pareto was designed as a development solution that leverages the power and speed from low-code development, while using the lean-agile methodology to help customers achieve their innovation goals.

“Coming from the startup scene I could see that venture builders, even corporate venture building programs and innovation teams, would benefit from low-code solutions”, said Sky Chew, Pareto Founder and CEO. “I developed Pareto to adopt the agility and speed of startups. So we can help businesses build new ideas quickly, without compromising on features.”

Pareto will provide speed and flexibility to businesses that want to experiment, when time-to-market is key, but without sacrificing features.

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About MAQE

Founded in 2012, MAQE is a company specializing in all things digital commerce. We use Design Thinking to uncover unmet needs, and we use Lean and Agile methods to create unique, personalized digital experiences to address them. MAQE has teams in Bangkok and Khon Kaen dedicated to (literally) changing how the world works.

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Pareto Founder & CEO
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Andreas Holmer
MAQE Co-founder & CEO
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