We believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur. This is why we have created MAQE Ventures. h

MAQE Ventures is a start-up program that helps MAQErs to launch and scale their own businesses. Inspired by RenDanHeyi, one of our long-term goals for the program is to turn 100 MAQErs into U.S. Dollar millionaires.

Stage 1 – Incubation

In the incubation stage, MAQErs with ideas for new products and services join the Venture Program. They then receive help designing and validating their offering. 

Stage 2 – Acceleration

In the acceleration stage, MAQErs are given seed funding and nine months to validate their idea in the marketplace. They can work full or part time on their idea at this stage.

Stage 3 – Collaboration 

If a MAQEr has reached this stage they can choose to run their business as part of MAQE, go independent and set their own salary. They can build their own team and build equity in their business.

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A low-code solution that specializes in helping innovative businesses build Minimum Viable Products. This development process is designed to transform risk at each phase into business value in the form of learning or validation.

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