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We’re always looking for new friends to join us in our mission to change how the world works. If you’re up for the challenge and you see a role that’s a good fit, then you should definitely apply to join us.

Tell us your story and send your resume to [email protected]. We always love to meet new people.

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Thinking of joining us?

3 reasons why we think you’ll love working at MAQE.
A family of over 80 people
A family of over 80 people

We’ve grown from humble beginnings to a team of over 80 people, all working together to help us grow. We’re a family at MAQE and like all families, although we sometimes disagree on a few things, we always work together to help drive success. While technology is at the centre of our work, we put people first. Without a happy team, we won’t reach our full potential.

We have a team that comes from many different backgrounds, but we all believe in the same core values. We’re driven, bold, honest but always respectful. This is how we treat our clients and it’s how we treat each other.

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Your voice will always be heard

We believe in a feedback culture where everyone should feel safe expressing (constructive) opinions.

Challenging but rewarding
Challenging but rewarding

Delivering real change for our clients can be tough sometimes. There are always deadlines to meet and problems to solve.

But seeing a project through from the beginning is so rewarding. That feeling of watching a client grow and start to fulfill their true potential is why we do what we do.

When things do get tough on a project, which does happen, you’ll always have the full support of everyone at MAQE. We all work together across different teams; so any issue can always be addressed with help from your colleagues.

We can do it
Freedom and Trust
Freedom and Trust

At MAQE you’ll be free to work how you see fit. We trust you to organize your own workload and time. But we don’t believe in micro-management. No one will be standing over your shoulder looking at what you’re doing.

We also want to give you freedom to follow your passions. If you want to learn something new, we’ll support you. If you’ve got an idea for a new project, you’ll be given the time to see it through.

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Flexible working hours

You can start anytime between 9-11am to 6-8pm. Busy projects might require overtime sometimes but that is very rare.

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Unlimited remote working

We introduced unlimited remote working in 2019 and it’s been great. It’s absolutely fine to work from home anytime after your probation period.

See you soon

Meet the team

We have over 80 MAQErs based here in Thailand. We’ve got designers, data scientists, engineers and developers all waiting to help you. These are the people that will collaborate with you, help you drive your project and create amazing experiences for your users.

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Still want to know more about MAQE?
Here are a few questions that we get from people who are curious about us. If you need to know more just ask us via [email protected]

How do I pronounce MAQE?

This is a question we get asked a lot! It’s pronounced like the word “make”. We make our clients better and we want to make our people happy in their work.

It’s also not an acronym. Though if you can come up with a good one we’d love to hear it!

What is unlimited remote working? How does that work?

We’re a very flexible company. So if you need to work from home, anytime, that’s absolutely fine. All we ask is that you consider your colleagues. For example if you have a big meeting with a client, it wouldn’t help your teammates if you decide to work from home that day!

Does MAQE have a bonus and reward structure?

We do have a group bonus scheme in which everyone is rewarded if the company does well. Rewarding our people for their hard work is a priority for us.

Can I join MAQE as an intern?

We don’t offer internships for every position but if you are interested please contact us via [email protected].

I’m not a Thai national, can I still join MAQE?

Yes, you can. We’re always looking for great people to join us. If you are curious about us and see a role you like.

However, some specific roles do require fluent Thai communication skills and the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) has strict guidelines on who we can issue work permits to. Kindly see more details in each opening position.

Can I just come in for a coffee or tea?

We like meeting new people and if you think you can help us in our mission then we’re always happy to have a chat. Just email us via [email protected] so we can talk.

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Our Office

MAQE Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

888/102-103 Mahatun Plaza Building, 10th Floor, Ploenchit Road, Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND