July 5, 2023

MAQE Announces Strategic Partnership with Adobe Commerce

MAQE announces a strategic partnership with Adobe, complements in commerce offering with Adobe Commerce solutions.

June 30, 2023

The First-Ever ICAgile-Certified “Agile Team Coach” Training in Bangkok

MAQE in collaboration with Adventures with Agile (AWA) is excited to announce the first-ever ICAgile-certified “Agile Team Coach” training in Bangkok, Thailand.

May 12, 2023

How To Use Generative AI To Improve Your CX (Customer Experience) – Part 1

AI is exploding and it is a bit scary! But we look at ways your business can use generative AI to improve your customer experience.

May 10, 2023

MAQErCAST Episode 4 – Staying Happy At Work

In MAQErCAST episode 4 we talk about staying happy at work with Prapatsri “Pat” Kamthong, MAQE’s Senior People Operations Specialist.

May 5, 2023

Best Practices For Selling On Digital Marketplaces

We look at best practices for selling on digital marketplaces. Should companies engage with 3rd party marketplaces or should they start their own?

April 28, 2023

How Starbucks Is Rethinking Loyalty Programmes (With NFTs?!)

Starbucks Odyssey is an innovative new type of loyalty program. What lessons can B2C businesses learn from Starbucks’ web3.0 experiment?

April 21, 2023

Decoding The Metaverse Part 4 – Metaverse Law & Regulatory Challenges

We look at Metaverse Law & Regulatory Challenges. Where will businesses have to ensure compliance with government policy in the metaverse?

April 19, 2023

MAQErCAST Episode 3 – What is mOS?

In episode 3 of the MAQErCAST, MAQE CEO & Co-Founder Andreas Holmer and Senior In-house consultant Guillem Catlla talk about mOS.

April 12, 2023

Decoding The Metaverse Part 3 – Starting Your Metaverse Strategy

In part 3 of our series we will look at how businesses can start creating, testing then implementing a metaverse strategy.

April 7, 2023

Decoding The Metaverse Part 2 – Metaverse Sentiment

In part 2 of our metaverse series we look at sentiment among consumers & business leaders. What are business leaders’ top metaverse strategic priorities?

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