MAQE Unveils Plan To Implement Haier’s Rendanheyi Organizational Model

Bangkok, Thailand – MAQE is proud to announce that the company will be seeking to implement the world-renowned Haier Rendanheyi organizational model.

MAQE’s mission to (literally) change how the world works requires that it continuously experiments with new and innovative ways of working. And there is no organizational model more innovative than Haier’s Rendanheyi model.

The Rendanheyi model, developed and implemented by Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin, is revolutionary. It’s a model and philosophy that seamlessly aligns with MAQE’s core beliefs and vision about the future of work and organization.

Rendanheyi puts the needs of the customer, or user, first. In fact, one of the core components of the model is the phrase “zero distance to the user”. Employees need to face the user, provide value to the user and keep them at the forefront at all times. Because without the users, there are no employees.

Another core component of the model is that “everyone is an entrepreneur”. This gives an extraordinary amount of freedom and control to employees. It democratizes decision making, going from a traditional pyramid structure to an ecosystem of microenterprises. These microenterprises have strategic autonomy, including, but not limited to hiring and compensation decisions.

“At MAQE, we believe that happy people do good work,” said MAQE CEO, Andreas Holmer. “Importantly, we also believe that happiness at work comes from autonomy, mastery, and purpose — three things that the Rendanheyi model is proven to deliver. And that’s why we’re thrilled to work closely with Luyao Wang at the Haier Model Institute (HMI), as well as the team at the Innovation Management Research Center (IMRC). Their guidance will be invaluable as we embark on this next step in our organizational journey.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with MAQE and HMI on this exciting and novel project,” said William Malek, Senior Executive Director, IMRC. “This is the first time that we will be applying Rendanheyi principles to an SME enterprise in Thailand. We believe that we will facilitate the staff at MAQE to achieve a game-changing shift with an organizational innovation project! This will enable more successful human-centric driven innovations and sustained growth and will also serve as a way to design and adapt the Rendanheyi model for other organizations in Thailand.”

“We’re delighted to cooperate with MAQE and establish the first Micro-Enterprise model pilot in Thailand,” said Luyao Wang, ME Owner at HMI. “Since the establishment of IMRC, MAQE has been actively participating in the primary activities of the research center as well as the training of the ISO 56002 innovation management program. We express our sincere admiration to the team at  MAQE for their determination and courage. This may not be an easy journey but HMI and IMRC will fully support the project to rapidly learn and apply the best of Rendanheyi!”

About MAQE

Founded in 2012, MAQE is a company specializing in all things digital commerce. We use Design Thinking to uncover unmet needs, and we use Lean and Agile methods to create unique, personalized digital experiences to address them. MAQE has teams in Bangkok and Khon Kaen dedicated to (literally) changing how the world works.

About IMRC

The Innovation Management Research Center (IMRC) is a collaboration between the Haier Model Research Institute and SEAC, with the goal of co-creating a learning ecosystem that promotes human-centric values and sustainable outcomes in organizations. IMRC is part of SEAC with the mission to create lifelong learning ecosystem and deliver the right mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets for your transformation. We help enterprise leaders realize the transformational opportunity of entrepreneurial growth through organizational ecosystems by applying Rendanheyi principles to people, structure, capabilities, and business models.

About HMI

A platform for the research and promotion of Rendanheyi (RDHY) model within Haier Group, Haier Model Institute (HMI) oversees the global promotion and research support of RDHY model. Since its inception, the HMI has worked closely with business experts as well as other industries in the Haier Group. Currently, it has set up 8 research centers around the world to help provide management reform for hundreds of enterprises.

Press Contact

For press enquiries please contact MAQE via [email protected].