Personalization & Social Media – Tactics You Can Use

Personalization and social media - image showing segmentation

You might think that social media is, primarily, something people just use to make each other angry.

But that’s not (completely) true!

People use social media all the time to discover new products and services. Facebook Marketplace is one of the biggest e-commerce sites on the planet. There are millions of brand interactions on social media everyday. From the positive, to the very, very negative.

Word of mouth on social media can make or break a brand. So it stands to reason that social media forms an integral part of any personalized customer experience. But rather than focus on customer service style experiences, we are going to focus on acquisition and engagement; two areas where social really shines.

Personalization and social media are a perfect match. So let’s take a look at how you can combine personalization with some fairly simple social media engagement and acquisition strategies.

It’s time to get social.

Personalization and Social Media - Image of oranges showing "segmentation".
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We have discussed audience segmentation before in our “four quick personalization” tactics article. If you’re a B2B business, you can also take a look at our B2B personalization post. Both of them feature quick actions you can begin to take and all you need is access to a Google Analytics account.

Read the posts? Good, then we shall continue!

Use the information you gather to build a profile of your ideal customer. You can then compare this to information from social media channels to build a better picture of your customers.

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Let’s Get Quizzical

Everyone loves a quiz. The average quiz on social media gets shared approximately 1900 times! So what better way to engage with your customers than offering a quiz.

But a correctly designed quiz can do more than just encourage social engagement with your brand. You can also use a quiz to get to know more about your customers. By using the quiz to gather some personal information (perhaps combined with an incentive). You can use this information to personalize your social media output even further.

This can depend on your business. Some businesses would not find this tactic appropriate or useful. But if you are a commerce brand a quiz can be a great way to get the word out. For a high quality quiz, services like Qzzr can help you to build the perfect quiz.

Personalization and social media - Image of an angry customer
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Get Talking

People like to be heard. So when customers engage with your brand on social media, you should engage with them.

But there is another reason why you should engage with customers on social media. You can use customer interactions to gather sentiment information. This can help you to refine your products and services and also make your personalized marketing more effective.

By directly engaging with customers you can see exactly how they respond to different products and messaging. Plus, talking to customers is just good customer service. However, we all know the internet can be a somewhat acidic place. So try not to get sucked into negativity. Constructive feedback from customers is valuable, mean comments are not worth engaging with.

Image showing how remarketing works.


Remarketing is a form of digital advertising that keeps your brand in front of users who have left your website without completing a purchase. Most customers do not convert right away, so remarketing should be a vital part of your acquisition and engagement toolbox.

Remarketing can also involve a high degree of personalization. You can target people based on their browsing, purchase history and if there is any previous interaction with your ads. If you use list-based remarketing and have access to that data, you can create a highly personalized and targeted remarketing campaign. The downside is it can take a lot of time, effort and resource. Pixel based remarketing will help you to reach a wider audience, but with less accuracy.

It is important to note that remarketing is a cookie based technology, and there are big changes coming to how it works. It is incredibly effective but keep one eye on what’s happening as you may have to pivot quite quickly. You should also be aware of what exactly you are allowed to target with personalized ads.

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