Insights May 6, 2022

How Do Personalized Product Recommendations Work?

Personalized product recommendations are a vital part of your eCommerce toolkit. We look at how personalized recommendations can help your business.

Insights February 25, 2022

How Marketing Automation Works – What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a game changer for digital marketers and eCommerce business owners. But what is it and how does marketing automation work?

Insights February 11, 2022

The Evolution of eCommerce And Where It Might Be Going

This week we chart the evolution of eCommerce, from its first steps to its current form, to see where it might be going in the future.

Insights February 4, 2022

Personalization Psychology – Why We Prefer Personalized Experiences

This week we look at personalization psychology. Just why does personalization work so well and why do we like personalized experiences?

Insights October 29, 2021

Content Testing: How To Start Testing Your Content Part 2

In part 2 of our guide on how to get started with Content Testing we look at Usability, Accessibility and UX copy testing.

Insights October 22, 2021

Content Testing: How To Start Testing Your Content Part 1

Content testing can help you improve customer retention and meet ROI goals. But what is content testing and how do you get started?

Insights October 1, 2021

Can B2B companies embrace customer lifetime value (CLV) metrics? Part 2

We know what customer lifetime value (CLV) is, but part 2 of our series focuses on the technical & cultural challenges of adopting CLV.

Insights September 17, 2021

Benchmark eCommerce Experiences – Learning From The Best

What lessons can be learned from big benchmark eCommerce brands like IKEA, Nike and Apple? Can they be emulated?

Insights September 10, 2021

What Do Changes To Apple Mail Mean For E-Commerce Brands?

What do Apple’s upcoming privacy changes to Apple Mail on Mac and iOS mean for e-commerce brands?

Insights September 3, 2021

Personalization & Social Media – Tactics You Can Use

Personalization and social media are a perfect match. Let’s look at how you can combine personalization with some social media tactics.

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