Insights March 17, 2023

Customer Experience ROI – How To Prove Investment In CX Pays Off

Times are tough, so how do CX teams prove Customer experience ROI? We look at what CX teams can do to prove CX ROI to senior management.

Insights February 24, 2023

Is Great Customer Experience Your Best Form Of Marketing?

Is CX a form of marketing? This week we ask if experience innovation is competing with marketing. Shouldn’t effort & budget be going into both?

Insights February 3, 2023

Social, Live & Metaverse Commerce – Where Is E-commerce Going?

Are social commerce & live commerce the future of E-commerce? Or is it metaverse commerce? We look at the future of E-commerce & why SEA is leading the way.

Insights January 6, 2023

What Is Employee Experience (EX)?

What is employee experience (EX)? How can it help your business? We tell you why you should start investing in EX right now.

Insights December 8, 2022

Customer Experience In 2023 – Trends You Need To Know About Part 2

We highlight 4 more trends for CX (customer experience) in 2023. We talk about inspiring an experimental culture, AI & turning employees into influencers.

Insights November 18, 2022

Sector By Sector – Property Part 1 – Challenges in 2023 & Beyond

In a new sector by sector series we look into the property sector. In part 1 we assess some of the challenges facing the property sector in 2023.

Insights November 4, 2022

Sector By Sector – Retail Banking Part 2 – Fixing The Branch Experience

In part 2 of our deep dive into retail banking, we look at physical bank branches. Banks are closing them, but is that the right approach?

Insights October 28, 2022

Sector By Sector – Retail Banking Part 1

Retail banks are facing challenges. In part 1 of our look at retail banks we look at issues with customer expectations & engagement in banking.

Insights October 14, 2022

What Is The Future Of B2B Sales & Purchasing? Part 1 – Omnichannel, AI & B2C Style CX

The future of B2B is not spoken about as often as B2C. But big changes are happening. So what does the future of B2B sales & purchasing look like?

Insights August 5, 2022

How To Build An Effective Personalization Strategy Part 3 – Predictive Personalization

In part 3 we talk about rules-based & predictive personalization plus we reveal the 5 must-haves for your personalization strategy.

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