Insights February 17, 2023

Pros & Cons of WooCommerce – Why WooCommerce Might (Or Might Not) Work For You

We look at the pros and cons of WooCommerce. What makes it a good Ecommerce plugin & what are the barriers that might stop businesses using it?

Insights February 10, 2023

Pros & Cons of Magento – Why Magento Might (Or Might Not) Work For You

We examine the pros & cons of Magento. Is Magento the right Ecommerce platform for you, if you are looking to set up a marketplace?

Insights February 3, 2023

Social, Live & Metaverse Commerce – Where Is E-commerce Going?

Are social commerce & live commerce the future of E-commerce? Or is it metaverse commerce? We look at the future of E-commerce & why SEA is leading the way.

Insights January 27, 2023

MAQErCAST – Episode 2 – All About Pareto

In the second episode of the MAQErCAST Pareto CEO & Founder Sky Chew speaks about Pareto. MAQE’s first Microenterprise!

Insights January 27, 2023

Customer Experience Challenges – Is 2023 An Inflection Point?

2023 could be an inflection point for CX. What customer experience challenges do we need to deal with in 2023? And what are the solutions?

Insights January 20, 2023

Pros & Cons Of Shopify – Why Shopify Might (Or Might Not) Work For You

We examine the pros & cons of Shopify. Is Shopify the right platform for you if you are looking to set up a marketplace?

Insights January 13, 2023

Customer Retention Strategy – Your Digital Experience Focus For 2023?

Your customer retention strategy is even more important in 2023. We give you some retention strategies you can use to get started.

Insights January 6, 2023

MAQErCAST – Episode 1 – Who Are MAQE?

In the very first MAQErCAST MAQE CEO & Co-Founder Andreas Holmer, MAQE COO & Co-Founder Andrew Kamthong and Pareto CEO Sky Chew talk about the history of MAQE.

Insights October 21, 2022

What Is The Future Of B2B Sales & Purchasing? Part 2 – Challenges That B2B Teams Face

In part 2 of our future of B2B series we look at some of the challenges B2B sales and purchasing teams face and the opportunities they present.

Insights October 7, 2022

How Businesses Can Beat The Recession By Improving CX

The facts are in. Improving customer experience (CX) can help your brand to beat the recession and increase growth on the other side. Here’s how.

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