MAQE 2020 and the Road Ahead

We’ve spent the past 8 years building an organization where happy-people-do-good-work. That was our belief when we started MAQE and it’s our belief today.  

But our understanding of what it takes to build a great organization has grown tenfold.

This understanding represents the next phase in our journey. We already provide a path to digital transformation. But we’ve always felt that true change begins with people. 

That’s why 2020 will be the year we move into organizational transformation. 

We’ve designed services to help customers achieve greater business agility. By extending our offering this way, we’re adding even more value. And we’ll complement our offering by entering into strategic partnerships.

These partnerships, with service providers who share our values, will help us grow. 

Helping organizations become agile may seem radical. But it’s not! It’s an evolution of the company we’ve built. Because what makes us happy at work also leads to agility.

We wanted MAQE to be a place where happy-people-do-good-work. And we’ve worked hard to get there.

While we can always improve, people have noticed that MAQE is a different kind of company.

With this change, we can share everything we’ve learned. And help our customers unlock their full potential.

Andreas Holmer (CEO)

This insight is a part of MAQE Journal Issue #1, read the full article here.