Transforming an eCommerce workflow

How We Started

Chanintr’s commitment to quality is inspiring.

Chanintr began as a furniture importer in Bangkok in 1994 and has grown ever since. They believe in living well and want to improve customer experience in both online channels and offline storefronts. Quality, service and an incredible level of attention to detail inform every decision they make. Chanintr, like us, believe that great relationships extend beyond the first interaction, they can last a lifetime.

“Working with MAQE has been a great pleasure for us. Their design thinking and lean discovery methodology has accelerated our company’s digitization process.”

Siripong Boonchaiya, Technical Director, Chanintr Living

Our mutual commitment to quality and service made Chanintr and MAQE a perfect partnership.

Our working relationship with Chanintr began in 2016. From the beginning, we’ve worked with Chanintr to help them craft their digital transformation. We helped Chanintr to define their strategy and goals, create a design their users will love and cooperated with them to develop their first online public product catalog website for their customers.

Our Approach

We supported Chanintr during every step of their journey towards digital transformation. We began our journey together by working alongside Chanintr in a series of co-creation workshops. 

These workshops helped Chanintr identify customer behaviors and create customer journeys.

We then conducted high-level field research and mapped every department’s services with a customer journey.

Customer journey research workshop - MAQE

What We Discovered

Optimizing product data - MAQE

Optimizing product data

Chanintr imports products from more than 50 different brands across the world. We recommended optimizing product information to create a standard product data structure so data management could be handled faster.

Improving alignment of internal communications - MAQE

Improving Alignment

Aligned internal communication is a key factor for business agility. By aligning internal communications between teams, a business can adapt to change more effectively.

Flexible product structure - MAQE

Flexible product structure

We discovered a need to create a scalable and flexible product database with secure migration.

Seamless customer experience

We wanted to connect and create a full, omnichannel end-to-end customer experience. At the same time, we had to help Chanintr’s sales team and create a frictionless experience that would help them to do their job.

The sales team needed to be able to find product information and generate customer quotations, faster. We designed a product browser platform which retrieves master product data from a data library system. This ensured that product data would be reliable and up-to-date which would help the sales team to generate quicker quotations for customers.

For Chanintr’s customers, we saw that we had to speed up the process of purchasing customized products. On the new product browser, customers can select product variants according to their personal preference on the new product browser platform.

We also needed to help customers to view the tracking status of the goods they had purchased. With the new product library system, customers can check the delivery status of their orders at any time.

Digitally transforming an ecommerce workflow - MAQE

Designed for users

The design of the new product database library was based on extensive research. To speed up internal processes, the design had to be simple. So we needed to think like an internal user and a Chanintr customer.

To do this MAQE conducted interviews, usability testing and user training to make sure we’re approaching the build correctly based on user data analysis.

A new digital product catalogue - MAQE

The Road to Transformation

By collaborating with MAQE, Chanintr improved their entire sales workflow. Internal teams and processes were more clearly aligned and customers were happier with the ordering process.

The whole process increased business agility and met the goals defined by Chanintr during the discovery phase of the initial project. Continuous improvement and refinement, using a long term roadmap, can ensure multiple improvements to Chanintr’s e-commerce operation.

We’re still collaborating with Chanintr on improving their workflow. We listen to them and work with them to identify opportunities that help improve customer journeys. We also help their internal teams with products that save time, which helps them to focus on serving their customers.