Leveraging Blockchain for Exclusive Event Ticketing

Our customer, an enterprising online ticketing platform, was looking to enhance their community experience and dive into blockchain technology. They envisioned a token-gating feature that would allow event organizers to validate NFT ownership of attendees. This was to replace a manual and not-so-reliable process and increase overall security.


Embracing this initiative, our team embarked on the exciting journey of learning blockchain, smart contracts, and a plethora of other Web3 technologies. These required a new language and a shift from traditional web development. Added to the mix was the fun puzzle of synchronizing work in an international team spread across multiple time zones, namely Thailand, Japan, Australia, and the United States.


To navigate these challenges, our team fostered a culture of knowledge exchange and continuous learning, organizing daily tech discussions within a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. The tight-knit collaboration with the client’s team and domain experts was invaluable, acknowledging our need for extensive research and ongoing learning.


The project was a success, culminating in the successful launch of “Primrose” — a tool that improved and secured the process of verifying attendee NFT ownership. The launch was covered by more than 10 news outlets. But the crowning achievement was the customer feedback we received post-launch: “I just wanted to say thank you and provide feedback that your team was exceptional… It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end.” It doesn’t get better than that.