Insights May 27, 2022

Web 3.0 – What Is Decentralization & Where Is The Web Going?

We take a look at Web 3.0 & decentralization. What does it all mean? And what, if any, effect will these new digital trends have on the future of commerce?

Insights February 11, 2022

The Evolution of eCommerce And Where It Might Be Going

This week we chart the evolution of eCommerce, from its first steps to its current form, to see where it might be going in the future.

Insights January 21, 2022

Digital Transformation Trends 2022 Part 2 – Challenges & Opportunities

In part 2 of our look into digital transformation trends in 2022 we focus on 5G, organizational flexibility, sustainability and low code solutions.

Insights January 14, 2022

Digital Transformation Trends 2022 – Challenges You Might Face

This week we look at digital transformation trends in 2022 and the technical and social challenges organizations are going to face over the next 12 months.

Insights January 7, 2022

CX Trends 2022 – What You Need To Know

It is time to peer into the future of customer experience and look at some CX trends for 2022, including the impact of data legislation changes on CX.

Insights March 24, 2021

MAQE 2021 and the Road Ahead

2020 did not quite go to plan but we’ve evolved and we’re building an even stronger, more resilient business in 2021. Here’s what we’re doing.

Insights December 30, 2020

Retail Trends for 2021 Part 2 – Agile, Ads & Ethical Values

In part 2 of our top retail trends for 2021 series, we look at agile adoption, digital ads and the importance of ethical values.

Insights December 16, 2020

Why invest in great digital commerce experiences?

Here’s why your business should invest in great digital commerce experiences and why what you think your customers want is probably wrong…

Insights December 9, 2020

What is edtech? Does it help students and teachers?

Edtech, a mix of the words “education” and “technology”, combines tech with education practices. We look at how edtech benefits students and teachers.

Insights December 4, 2020

Online to Offline (O2O) Strategy Part 4 – Beacons and Building a Community

In part 4 of our online to offline strategy deep dive we’ll be talking about beacons and how physical retail needs to build (and help) communities.

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